Vremya, an independent publisher with 100 to 120 new titles each year, produces small runs of selected titles, which are targeted at their small group of avid readers. 

The main focus of Vrymya’s publishing programme is on 20th-Century classical authors such as Solzhenitsyn, Platonov, Babel, Zoschenko, Iskander. The thorough choice of authors and quality of publications has won Vremya a number of literary prizes: Book of the Year (for the complete works of Andrey Platonov), National Award for Literature and Art (for Yunna Morits’s The Roof Went Home) and Russian Booker of the Decade (for A Gloom Is Cast Upon the Ancient Steps by Alexander Chudakov) to name just a few.

Along with their adult programme, Vremya is active in the children’s market. Andrei Ussachev, Andrei Zhvalevsky, Evgenia Pasternak, and Igor Mytko are among publisher’s best-selling children’s and YA authors.