Mann, Ivanov and Ferber

Mann, Ivanov and Ferber Publisher (MIF) is named after its respective founders Igor Mann, Mikhail Ivanov, and Mikhail Ferber. They started with a single title in 2004 and today MIF is one of the most innovative Russian publishers of business books.  

It was hardly surprising that the co-founders chose marketing for their first title as they are professional marketers themselves. The publisher is very active in social networks and they have more than 14,000 of friends on Facebook as of January 2012.

MIF publishes books under two publicly-acclaimed brands. These are «Mann, Ivanov and Ferber» (with 12 new business titles published annually) and «Stockholm School of Economics».

In an attempt to keep abreast of current publishing practices MIF also produces a series of audio books including titles from their paper editions as well as those from other publishers.