Molodaya Gvardia

The Open Joint-Stock Company "Molodaya Gvardiya" is one of the most famous publishing and printing associations in our country consisting of publishing house, printing house, bibliographic information center, center of commercial activity.

"Molodaya Gvardiya" was founded in 1922 and at present it offers the widest range of humanitarian literature. These are books of the world-famous biographical series Life of Outstanding People (ZHZL), original historical investigations in Living History: Daily Life of Mankind series; memoirs and epistolary heritage of famous writers, philosophers, artists, musicians, theatre workers, representatives of creative bohemia in Near Past memoirs library; biographies of our outstanding contemporaries in ZHZL: Biography continues… series as well as the books about intelligence and secret special services in File No. series.

The scope of themes provides the exceptional popularity of the books published by "Molodaya Gvardiya" among readers of different generations and ages. But it is beyond doubt that the authors themselves — their talent, bright personalities, high intellectual and moral level — draw our attention. Among them are the famous writers like V. Astafiev, V. Shukshin, V. Belov, Y. Bondarev, L. Leonov and V. Rasputin; the academicians: N. Moiseyev, B. Rybakov, and А. Okladnikov; the spacemen: Y. Gagarin, A. Nicolaev, and V. Rumin; the world chess champions: M. Tal and А. Karpov; the Olympic winners: L. Latynina and V. Brumel and many others. 

In recent years this list was added with the names of A. Varlamov, D. Bykov, M. Kucherskaya, Z. Prilepin, L. Saraskina, and A. Archangelsky.

Nowadays the real historical school the essential feature of which is scientific and objective character, veracity and fascination of description is formed around "Molodaya Gvardiya“. We can relate to it A. Karpov who wrote five books for ZHZL series: Princess Olga, Saint Vladimir, Yaroslav Mudry, Yury Dolgoruky and Batu; N. S. Borisov, the author of biographies of Ivan Kalita, Sergey Radonezhsky and Ivan III; V. N. Kozlyakov, the author of the books about the Time of Troubles — Mikhail Fyodorovich, Vasily Shuisky, Marina Mnishek, Lzhedmitry I, Boris Godunov; N. I. Pavlenko who wrote biographies of Pyotr I, Ekaterina I, Prince Alexey, Pyotr II, Ekaterina II, Lefort, Menshikov; E.V. Anisimova, the author of the books on history of the 18th century:  Anna Ioannovna, Elizaveta Petrovna, Ivan VI Antonovich, Bagration; and many other writers.