Big Book

The Big Book Prize is an annual literary award for the best book of any genre written in Russian. It is the largest literary award in Russia and the former soviet countries and is the second largest literary award in the world in terms of prize money just falling behind the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Big Book is supported by various State, public and media organizations having been founded in 2005 by the Centre for the Support of Russian Literature. Nominees for the award are authors, publishers, media, creative unions, and governmental bodies of the Russian Federation.

Each year the "long list" is announced by the 30th of April, then follows the “short list” by the 31st of May and finally by the end of November the winners are announced. Readers select writers of their choice by casting their individual votes online. The three titles that receive the majority of readers’ votes are awarded commemorative statuettes.



  1. Anna Matveeva, Wait until I die - and I will come, Astrel (2012)
  2. Andrei Voloss, Return to Panjrud, OGI (2013)
  3. Maya Kucherskaya, Aunt Motja, Astrel (2012) [Readers' Choice]
  4. Yuri Buida, A thief, a Spy and a Murderer, Eksmo (2013) [Third Prize]
  5. Anton Ponizovskii, All Ears, Lenizdat (2013)
  6. Evgenii Vodolazkin, Laurus. A non-historical novel, Astrel (2012) [First Prize, Readers' Choice]
  7. Maxim Kantor, Red Light, AST (2013)
  8. Dmitry Danilov, Description of the City, Astrel (2012)
  9. Vadim Leventhal, Maria Regina, Lenizdat (2013)
  10. Alexander Terekhov, The Germans, Astrel (2012)
  11. Sergey Belyakov, Gumilev, Gumilev’s Son, AST, Astrel (2013) [Second Prize, Readers' Choice]


  1. Maria Galina, Mole-Crickets, Eksmo (2011) [Readers’ Choice]
  2. Archimandrite Tikhon, Everyday Saints and other Stories, Olma (2012) [Readers’ Choice]
  3. Marina Stepnova, The Women of Lazarus, Astrel (2011) [Third Prize, Readers’ Choice]
  4. Aleksandr Kabakov, Evgenii Popov, Aksyonov, AST (2011) [Second Prize]
  5. Daniil Granin, My Lieutenant, Olma (2012) [First Prize]


  1. Mikhail Shishkin, Letter-Book , Astrel (2010) [First prize]
  2. Vladimir Sorokin, The Blizzard [Second prize]
  3. Dmitry Bykov, Ostrumov, or the Magician's Apprentice [Third Prize]
  4. Mikhail Shishkin, Letter-Book , Astrel (2010) [Readers’ choice]
  5. Dmitry Bykov, Ostrumov, or the Magician's Apprentice [Readers’ choice]
  6. Yuri Buida, Blue Blood [Readers’ choice]


  1. Pavel Basinsky, The Leo Tolstoy: Escape from Paradise [First Prize]
  2. Alexander Ilichevsky, Persian [Second Prize]
  3. Victor Pelevin, 't' [Third Prize]
  4. Victor Pelevin, 't' [Readers’s choice]


  1. Leonid Yuzefovich, Cranes and Dwarfs [First Prize]
  2. Alexander Terekhov, Stone Bridge [Second Prize]
  3. Leonid Zorin, Nasty Globe [Third Prize]
  4. Andrei Baldin, Stretching the Point [Readers’ choice]
  5. Leonid Yuzefovich, Cranes and Dwarfs [Readers’ choice]
  6. Mariam Petrosyan, The House that..., Livebook (2013) [Readers’ choice]