National Bestseller

National Bestseller is the annual Russian Literary Prize awarded in the town of St. Petersburg for the best novel written in Russian within any one calendar year. The award was established in 2001 by Victor Toporov, the Russian writer, translator, and literary critic. The motto of the prize is “To awake the famous!”

A long list for the Prize is drawn up by nominees appointed by the Organizing Committee, encompassing the entire spectrum of literary schools and tastes. It includes representatives of the major publishers, literary journals, literary critics and prominent writers.

There are four procedural stages for theĀ National Bestseller Prize: the announcement of the nominees (January), the announcement of the long list (February), followed by the announcement of the short list (April), and finally the winner announcement ceremony (June).



  1. Anna Starobinets, The Living, AST (2011)
  2. Sergei Nosov, Francoise, or Path to the Glacier, Astrel (2012)
  3. Marina Stepnova, The Women of Lazarus, Astrel (2011)
  4. Vladimir Lorchenkov, King Solomon's Mines, Volga Literary Journal (2011)
  5. Vladimir Lidski, Russian sadism, Limbus-Press (2012)
  6. Alexander Terekhov, The Germans, Astrel (2012) [Winner]


  1. Sergei Shargunov, A Book without Pictures
  2. Paul Pepperstein, Prague Night
  3. Mikhail Elizarov, Cartoons
  4. Figl-Migl, You are so Fond of these Movies
  5. Dmitry Bykov, Ostrom, and the Sorcerer's Apprentice [Winner]
  6. Andrei Rubanov, Psychedelia


  1. Roman Senchin, Eltyshevy
  2. Paul Krusanov, Dead Language
  3. Oleg Lukoshin, Capitalism
  4. Eduard Kochergin, Baptitised by Crosses [Winner]
  5. Vasili Avchenko, Right-hand Wheel
  6. Andrei Astvatsaturov, People in Nude


  1. Sergei Samsonov, Kamlaev Anomaly
  2. Sergei Nosov, The Secret Life of the St Petersburg's Monuments
  3. Ilya Boyashov, Tankman, or White Tiger
  4. German Sadulaev, The Maya Pill
  5. Andrei Gelasimov, Gods of the Veld [Winner]
  6. Alexander Snegirev, Venus of Oil


  1. Zakhar Prilepin, Sin [Winner]
  2. Lev Danilkin, The Man with the Egg: Life and Opinions of Alexander Prokhanov
  3. Jury Brigadir, Mesencephalon
  4. Anna Kozlova, People with clear Conscience
  5. Andrei Turgenev, Sleep and Believe: a Blockade Novel
  6. Alexander Sekatsky, Two Caskets: turquoise and jade