December 25, 2013
"HANUMAN'S JOURNEY TO LOLLAND" on Stage in Hamburg Andrei Ivanov's novel Hanuman's Journey to Lolland had it's first stage-performance at the Hamburg Thalia-Theatre (December 14, 2013) directed by the Estonian directors Tiit Ojasoo and Ene-Liis Semper. Sebastian Rudolph, Germany's "actor of the year 2012" takes part in the performance. 

Thalia Theater presents the play: 
Farstrup, Denmark. Hanuman and Sid got here by foot. One is Indian, with a thousand different ideas as to how to tackle his desperate financial situation as an asylum seeker. The other is Russian, scared of the police and concealing his true identity as well as he can in a refugee camp. Together with a few other asylum seekers from all regions of this world, the pair try to make the mundane wait for a decision on their asylum claim as pleasant as possible, doing business, taking drugs or dreaming of emigrating to America – or if nothing else, at least to Lolland, which sounds to them like Denmark’s answer to Ibiza.

Andrei Ivanov, arguably Estonia’s most interesting writer working today, wrote an astoundingly aggressive picaresque novel on the refugee situation in Europe. Simultaneously strange and tragic, the story tells of the hatred the refugees feel toward the all too beautiful Denmark and its stench of swill and flowers, of the ‘illness’ of constantly dreaming of America and the hopelessness in the face of trying to improve their situation". 

Andrei Ivanov's novel is translated into German by Friederike Meltendorf