The Russian Booker Prize announces long-list

July 15, 2013
The Russian Booker Prize announces long-list By Simon Knapper

The long-list for the 2013 Russian Booker Prize for the best Russian language novel figures 24 works. The long-list selection was made after the jury had familiarised themselves with the complete 87 works nominated, 82 of which were in contention for the prize. Taking part in the nomination process were 58 publishing houses, 10 magazines, 5 universities and 10 libraries.

Evaluating the results of the nomination, the chairman of the, "Russian Booker" 2013 jury, novelist Andrey Dmitriev said: "More often than not it’s those who do not read or only read occasionally that talk about the decline of Russian literature. In fact there were more high-quality novels this year than the 24 that made the final selection. The list we have proposed represents quite a literary event, and attentive readers will be able to see this."

The jury in 2013 also included Vladimir Kantor (writer, philosopher), Elena Pogorelaya (critic, poet, executive secretary of the journal "Questions of Literature"), Sergei Belyakov (critic, deputy chief editor of "Ural" magazine) and rock musician Evgenii Margulis.

This year, the "Russian Booker" will be awarded for the 22nd time. Since 2012, the winner has received a prize of 1.5 million Roubles , the finalists receiving 150,000 Roubles each.

The short-list of six finalists will be announced by the jury on October 3rd, the laureate will be named on December 4th.

In addition, the "Students Booker," project will be continued, in which a "parallel" student jury, which includes the winners of critical essays on the Booker novels, selects its own laureate. Launched in 2004 on the initiative of the Center for the study of modern Russian literature at the State Humanitarian University, this project annually widens its circle of participants. Thanks to the Internet, the student awards are a Russia-wide phenomenon.

The “Russian Booker” 2013 long-list:

1. Alexandr Arkhangelskii, Museum of the Revolution
2. Nikholai Baitov, Mura’s Love
3. Nadezhda Belenkaia, Fish are Silent in Spanish
4. Vladimir Vester, Heartbreak Hotel
5. Evgenii Vodolazkin, Laurus. A Non-Historical Novel
6. Andrei Volos, Return to Pandzhrud
7. Valerii Votrin, The Speech Therapist
8. Alisa Ganieva, Holiday Mountain
9. Vladimir Gubailovsky, The Master of Cynicism
10. Denis Gutsko, Beta Male
11. Andrei Demkin, Unwritten Diary
12. Oleg Ermakov, On the Other Side of the Tree
13. Andrei Ivanov, Harbinian Moths
14. Alexandr Kabakov, The Old Man and the Angel
15. Anatoly Kurchatkin, The Miracle of Walking on Water
16. Maya Kucherskaya, Auntie Motia
17. Vadim Levental, Masha Regina
18. Olesia Nikolaeva, Patron. A Biography of Alexander Berg
19. Alexei Slapovsky, In Reverse. A Chronicle of Time Overturned
20. Sergei Solovyev, Adam's Bridge
21. Andrei Tavrov, Sailor on the Mast
22. Margarita Hamlin, Investigator
23. Vladimir Shapko, At the Foot of an Immense World
24. Alexandr Ebanoidze, An Anticipation of October