Read Russia Literary showcase in London

April 17, 2013
Read Russia Literary showcase in London What do Leo Tolstoy, Feodor Dostoevsly, Joseph Brodsky, Ludmila Ulitskaya, Dmitri Rogozin and Steven Fry have in common? The answer is simple – they share love for the Russian language and literature.

Read Russia, a dynamic initiative to introduce Russia’s contemporary writers and literary heritage to new audiences, has come to London in April 2013. Coinciding with the London Book Fair, Read Russia’s programme of events brought Russia’s leading authors, translators, scholars and publishing insiders to the British capital to engage with readers on contemporary trends in Russian literary culture and Russia’s rich literary traditions.

Acclaimed Russian writers Ludmila Ulitskaya, Dmitry Bykov, Maria Galina and Anna Starobinets, as well as the leading lights of the young generation Debut Prize winners Alexander Snegirev, Irina Bogatyreva and well-known UK-based writers like Zinovy Zinik, Irina Kirillova, Layla Alexander-Garrett and Hamid Ismailov have been meeting with readers in London, where they are joining translators, literary scholars and publishing professionals in discussion – both at the Earls Court Exhibition Centre (15-17 April) and around the capital throughout the week.

As a part of the Russian programme of the London Book Fair Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Ditriy Rogozin presented his latest book entitled The Hawks of Peace which has been just released by the Glagoslav Publications.
The book covers the most dramatic period of the post-soviet Russia from the year 1985 till this day – the collapse of the USSR, the tragedy of the year 1993 and wars in Caucasus, NATO aggression in Yugoslavia, the war with Georgia in 2008. It contains unique documents about the Chechen War, inside information from Brussels related to events in Georgia and many more records that have been hidden from the public eye in Russia and the West.

This year’s event is much more than just a taste of things to come. Russia’s Open Book, a new feature-length documentary hosted by Stephen Fry, narrated by actress Juliet Stevenson, and directed by acclaimed filmmakers Paul Mitchell and Sarah Wallis, has its world premiere in London in April. This Intelligent Television production showcases some of the Russian literature’s brightest lights and explores the continuing mystique and power of the Russian novel.

Russia’s Open Book will be on television worldwide in the autumn, but a 3 minute trailer is already available.