March 6, 2013

To celebrate the joys of spring the masleenitza Russian week will come to London and will be offering both culinary and cultural delights.

On Wednesday the 13th of March between 18.30 and 20.00 lovers of Russian literature and poetry are invited to a literary performance hosted by Waterstones at their Piccadilly branch.

Eduard Boyakov, the artistic Director of Praktika theatre in Moscow’s, will be staging the performance in cooperation with the theatre and film director Ruslan Malikov.

The programme will include texts by Mikhail Bulgakov, Anna Akhmatova, Joseph Brodsky, Boris Pasternak, Marina Tsvetaeva, Vera Polozkova, Dmitry Bykov, alongside William Blake and Winston Auden. Young Russian talents Alisa Grebenschikova, Pavel Artemyev, Irina Mykhailovskaya, Vera Polozkova and Maria Koublanova will be reading and ‘performing’ their poems.

Such celebrated Moscow Polytheatre actors as Alisa Grebenschikova, Pavel Artemyev and Vera Polozkova will be appearing. The audience will be introduced to a galaxy of outstanding Russian poets of the past and the present. The performance will revolve around Joseph Brodsky's idea of the primary role of language, poetry being its highest form and the unlimited power of poetry to combat human atrocities.

"The only thing that I really believe in, that gives me support in life, is language. If I had to create God for myself, someone who had ultimate power, it would be the Russian language. In any case, the Russian language would be an important part of it."

Joseph Brodsky

"For the poet language is a means for existence--or, as my beloved Auden said, he is the one by whom it lives. I who write these lines will cease to be; so will you who read them. But the language in which they are written and in which you read them will remain not merely because language is more lasting than man, but because it is more capable of mutation".

Joseph Brodsky

Nobel Lecture, 1987

The performance at Waterstones is a part of a major poetry project developed by director Boyakov in Moscow.