Long List for the ‘National Bestseller’ Prize 2013 is announced

February 13, 2013
Long List for the ‘National Bestseller’ Prize 2013 is announced

This year’s 'National Bestseller' Long List has come as a bit of a surprise to many as there are very few non-fiction entries amongst the 46 nominees.

According to Victor Toporov, the executive secretary of the Prize, it also includes quite a number of collections of short stories, whilst historically novels have primarily dominated the lists.

Toporov also added that many “works are written in a complex (intellectual or game-like) manner”. He believes that such works, “have until recently significantly moved away from the more traditional fiction and a ‘new realism’ has prevailed; ‘slice-of-life’ type of books, literary sociology and journalism are now in retreat”.

The Long List includes novels by controversial writers of the Russian literary scene: Eduard Limonov with the novel V Syrah and Eugene Grishkovets with  Letters to Andrew.

Aunt Motia by Maya Kucherskaya, A Rabbit and a half by Sergei Nosov, Wolves and Bears by Figl-Migl, Moneyfest by Dennis Epifantsev are amongst the candidates for the 250000 Rouble prize.

The Short List for the ‘National Bestseller’ Prize will be chosen by a Grand jury, comprising of writers such as Sergey Shargunov and Alexander Etoev. It will be published on 16 April 2013, and the winner will be selected by the Small jury on June 2, 2013.

See the full list of nominees on the  Prize’s official site

Note: Last year’s laureate was Dmitry Bykov with ‘Ostromov, or the Sorcerer’s Apprentice’.