Book trailers Contest is announced

November 19, 2012
Book trailers Contest is announced

Book trailers Contest – Book trailer Parade – has been announced in Russia. Participants are invited to create a short video that emphasises the main ideas in the selected books. Professional moviemakers, book fans and enthusiasts are all invited to participate in the contest. They are expected to make a short video, up to 2 minutes long, about any book of their choice. Video clips can be shot on a camera, mobile phone or pc tablet.

"Book advertising is a delicate matter",  said a writer Dmitry Glukhovsky. "Nowadays books need very special promotion: it has to be trendy, to be able to create a buzz and hype around a book. Book trailers are able to do just that."

The judging panel includes such writers as Dmitry Glukhovsky and Frederic Beigbeder, film directors Sergei Ursulyak and Janik Faiziev, the musician Andrei Makarevich, the actress Tatyana Drubich, TV-journalist Tatyana Lazareva, publishers and representatives of the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications.

Prize winners will receive valuable prizes, as well as a contract with leading publishing houses in Russia to film two book trailers. It is expected that one of the trailers will be for a new book of J.K. Rowling "Casual Vacancy". A special prize will be awarded for the most interesting and technologically advanced video effects.

Videos should be submitted to the site by 15th January 2013.