V International Festival of Russian-speaking Writers ‘Literary Vienna’

November 18, 2012
V International Festival of Russian-speaking Writers ‘Literary Vienna’

‘Literary Vienna’ is a non-profit event aiming to network Russian writers living in different parts of the globe. It also strives to support Russian language and Russian culture outside Russia.

Held as a part of the 'Literary Vienna' Festival, the International literary competition is becoming more prestigious with every passing year. Some 8000 literary works in total have been presented over the past five years. The works submitted for the competition are judged by an authoritative international jury. The winners and laureates are presented with diplomas and prizes.

Laureates in the 'Literary Vienna' competition nomination for prose were Irina Glebova and Mikhail Sobolev (Russia), and Yuri Dombrovsky (Ukraine). Ekaterina Polyanskaya (Russia) won in the nomination for poetry while Lidiya Devoushkina-Sommet (France) won in the nomination for literary history and literary criticism. Sergei Miller (Germany) won the prize for journalism and Asel Ayapova , a writer from Kyrgyzstan and a member of the youth literary group "The Ark" won the contest in the category "Literature for Children and Young People" with her fairy tale The Granddaughter of the Forest Manager. The top prize for the collection of articles was received by journalist, writer and translator Oleg Krasnov from Chisinau. He was named the winner of the international competition 'Literary Vienna' by the Association of Russian-Language Journalists, Russiy Mir Foundation reports.

Other Russian-language writers from Russia, Belarus, Great Britain, Germany, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine were also recognized by gaining various awards as a part of the Literary Vienna Festival.