Institute for Literary Translation translation grant

Institute for Literary Translation translation grant

The Institute for Literary Translation is a nonprofit organization whose primary goal is the promotion of Russian literature around the world. We focus on supporting foreign translators and publishers who work with Russian literature. The Institute has created a system under which translators or publishers can receive grants for translation and publication of various works of fiction or poetry. Information on requirements and conditions for receiving a grant is available here.

A list of books that have already been published with the Institute’s support is available here.

The Institute for Literary Translation was established on May 31, 2011. The Institute of Literary Translation is currently led by a supervisory board composed of translators, professors, researchers, and other professionals in the translation field. Vladimir Grigoriev, deputy head of the Russian Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communication, leads the supervisory board.

The Institute’s programs for supporting translators include the ongoing organization of various events such as an annual congress for literary translators from around the world, translation workshops, and scholarly conferences dedicated to translation issues (in Russian).

The Institute for Literary Translation awards an annual “Read Russia” prize to individual translators or groups of translators for the exceptional translation of works of prose and poetry from Russian into other languages. Awards are made in four categories—for translations of contemporary and classic prose, and for translations of contemporary and classic poetry—and recognize works published by foreign publishers in the previous two years.

In 2012 Institute for Literary Translation announced another grant programme aimed at supporting publishers who are willing to translate and publish in a foreign language a work written in Russian and other languages of the peoples of the Russian Federation.

Grants are awarded within the federal target program “Culture of Russia (2012-2018)”.