Читай Россию / Read Russia

Читай Россию / Read Russia

"Читай Россию / Read Russia" is an annual prize founded in 2011 and awarded to a translator(s) for the best translation from Russian into a foreign language. The competition includes works of prose or poetry originally written in Russian and which have been translated and published by a foreign publisher in the previous two years. 

The Panel of Experts overseeing the Prize includes interpreters, Slavic studies specialists, and literary critics from Russia and abroad. 

For the year 2013 submissions are accepted from  20th November, 2012 to 31 December, 2013.

The award ceremony will be held in Moscow in September 2014. 

Each applicant for the award should provide the Panel with two copies of a published book and a covering letter to include the following information: 

- Information about the applicant, whether translator or organization, including contact telephone number and contact address.

- Applicant’s resume together with a list of publications. 
- Written consent by the applicant in the case a book being put forward by an organization. 
- In depth review of the book carried out by a professional translator or a specialist in Slavic studies.

For further details please contact: info@read-russia.ru

Site:  http://institutperevoda.ru/