The Mushroom-picker: a novel

The Mushroom-picker: a novel
The Mushroom-picker: a novel
ISBN 978-0749336035
256 pages
After two years in Moscow, Clea - ex-Troyskyite and militant vegetarian - has returned to London with her Russian husband only to witness a complete change in his personality. In Moscow he was known for his eccentricity - in England he turns into a sub-species, incapable of fitting in anywhere.

The book was published in Russian and in English.


November 8, 2012
From Publishers Weekly

The art of cooking is used in this far-fetched satire as a metaphor for what is good and bad about Soviet and British society. Zinik has a razor-sharp wit, but because everythingpolitics, lovemaking, literatureis related to cooking, the novel is much too contrived, often clumsily executed.