Alexandra Marinina

Alexandra Marinina


  • Death as Art: Justice (Book 2)
  • Death as Art: Masks (Book 1)
  • Personal Motives
  • Severed Threads (Vol. 1)
  • Severed Threads (Vol. 3)
  • The Art of Murder
  • Tigers’ Fight in a Valley (Vol. 1)
  • Tigers’ Fight in a Valley (Vol. 1&2)
  • Tigers’ Fight in a Valley (Vol. 2)


Alexandra Marinina was born in Lviv, Ukraine to a family of lawyers. She lived in Leningrad until 1971 and has been living in Moscow since then. Upon graduation from Moscow State University in 1979 she worked in research and education units of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD). There she studied the personality of criminals with mental anomalies and criminals who had committed repeated violent crimes that earned her a Ph.D. in of Law. In 1998 Marinia resigned in the rank of lieutenant colonel to become a full-time writer.

Marinina, a best-selling writer of crime novels, has written over 30 novels, published in over 17 million copies and translated into over 20 languages. (The only English translation presently available is of her Confluence of Circumstances).

One of her most popular police series features Anastasia (Nastya) Kamenskaya, a criminal researcher and investigator. The series was televised for the national Russian TV and was also aired in Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Poland, Germany and France.

Marinina has received several awards. In 1995 Marinina received the prize of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the best book about the work of the Russian militsiya, for the books Death for the Sake of Death and Away Game. She was recognized as "The Writer of Year" by the 1998 Moscow International Book Fair, based on the sales of the books in 1997, and received an award from the Ogonyok magazine for "Success of the Year" in 1998.