Polina Dashkova

Polina Dashkova


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Polina Dashkova is Russia’s most successful crime author, with a total of 40 million copies of her books sold so far; in Germany alone, where she is known as the 'Queen of Russian Crime Fiction', she has sold more than 300,000 copies.

A graduate of Moscow’s Maxim Gorky Literary Institute, Dashkova has been an active radio and print journalist, and has worked as an interpreter and literary translator from English. She currently lives with her daughters in Moscow.

All Dashkova's novels are real page-turners that are uniquely credible thanks to the psychological depth of the characters and that show a commitment to realism in, for instance, the author's use of genuine statistics. Dashkova does not just churn out the same thing again and again, but switches between different types of crime novel in her own unique way.

Polina Dashkova has added a new territory to the map of crime fiction: exotic and chaotic new Russia. Dashkova succeeds in presenting thrilling scenes of life in contemporary Russia that makes the reader feel like laughing and crying at the same time. Her prose is subtle. Her dialogue is excellent. These novels are anything but pulp literature. (Source: Academia-Rossica)