Leonid Yuzefovich

Leonid Yuzefovich


  • Cranes and Dwarfs
  • Kazaroza
  • Prince of Wind
Born in 1947 in Moscow, Leonid Yuzefovich spent his youth in the Urals, graduating from the History Faculty of Perm University. He then became an officer in the Soviet Army, serving in Buryatia and Mongolia. Since 1984 he has lived in Moscow. 

With a PhD in history, Yuzefovich worked for many years as a school history teacher and did not start writing in earnest until late in life. Since then, however, he has authored many novels including Prince of the Wind, Rough Riders, and Kazaroza, as well as several historical investigations, such as Sovereign of the Wilderness

Yuzefovich's most recent success is Cranes and Dwarves. Winner of the 2009 Big Book, it is a tour-de-force which unfolds in three settings: present-day Mongolia, Russia in 1993, and the 17th century. As well as locating Russia’s turbulent 1990s within times of social unrest and the sweep of world history, the novel also explores the limitations of the concept of the 'self'. 

uzefovich has been published in Germany, France, Poland, Italy, and Spain, and his short stories The Butterfly and The Storm have been translated into English. (Source: Academia-Rossica)