Alexander Markov

Alexander Markov


  • The Birth of complexity. Evolutionary Biology today: Unexpected Discoveries and new Questions
  • The Evolution of Man


Alexander Markov (born October 24, 1965) is a Russian biologist, paleontologist, and a popularizer of science. He graduated from Moscow State University (Faculty of Biology) in 1987. Markov has been working in the Institute for Palaeontology at the Russian Academy of Sciences, where he also completed his Doctoral Degree. 
Dr. Markov is the author of more than 140 scientific publications in zoology, palaeontology, evolution theory, historical dynamics of biodiversity, and other fields of evolutionary biology, including monographs: Morphology, Systematics and Phylogeny of Sea Urchins of the Schizasteridae Family (1994); Quantitative Laws of Macroevolution: Experience of Systematic Approach Use for the Analysis of Supraspecific Taxons (1998; with E. B. Naymark); Macroevolution in Biological and Social Systems (2008; with Leonid Grinin, Andrey Korotayev), Hyperbolic Growth in Biological and Social Systems (2009; with Andrey Korotayev).

Dr. Markov is a member of the Editorial Board of the ‘Journal of General Biology’, an author of numerous popular science publications, the founder and author of the research and education portal ‘Problems of Evolution’ ( ).

His popular science book The Evolution of Man in 2 volumes won him the Illuminer Prize in 20011 in the Natural Science category.