German Sadulaev

German Sadulaev


German Sadulaev was born in 1973, in the town of Shali, in the Chechen-Ingush ASSR, to a Chechen father and Terek Cossack mother. In 1989, aged sixteen, he left Chechnya to study law at Leningrad State University. Today he lives and works as a lawyer in St Petersburg. German Sadulaev’s first book, Radio FUCK, told the urban tales of thirty-somethings in St Petersburg. It made no mention of Chechnya.

After the publication of his second book, I am a Chechen!, which was nominated for the National Bestseller Prize, critics acclaimed Sadulaev as 'the literary find of the year'. Much more than a war novel, I am a Chechen! is a lyrical fusion of exotic legends, stories and memories. Sadulaev's next works, Snowstorm, or The Myth of the End of the World, a grotesque fantasy satire about social Darwinism, and The Tablet, a bold juxtaposition of the ancient Caspian kingdom of Khazaria with modern global capitalism, have also garnered positive critical notices.

His latest novel, The Raid on Shali, a lyrical meditation on life in Chechnya in the 1990s, was shortlisted for the 2010 Russian Booker and the Big Book Prize.


September 17, 2011
What can you see in front of you right now?

I can see God in front of me. Now and always. Because there is nothing here except God. But I, like you, see in front of me only his lower energy, matter. It is also called ‘the illusory’. But not in the sense that it is by itself illusory—all emanations of God possess an element of the real.