Sergei Lukyanenko

Sergei Lukyanenko


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Sergei Lukyanenko is one of the foremost Russian writers and one of the few to be acclaimed outside of Russia. After originally studying as a psychiatrist, Lukyanenko chose instead to become a prolific science-fiction writer. He is best known, particularly abroad, for his incredibly popular series of Watches, starting with Night Watch (1998) and ending with Final Watch (2006). The series chronicles the supernatural conflict between two organisations, the Night Watch and Day Watch, who strive to uphold the truce between good and evil. Night Watch was well received by critics and fans alike and was awarded the Strannik Prize for the best novel of 1999.

Lukyanenko continued this success with Day Watch, which was awarded joint first place in the 2000 Gold RosCon award. Overall this highly-distinguished tetralogy has sold more than two million copies worldwide and been adapted into two imaginative blockbuster films by Timur Bekmambetov, enjoying global success and introducing a new generation to the richness of Russian science fiction.

Inspired and inventive, Lukyanenko has delved beneath the surface of Moscow to create a visionary underground world that is one of the most well-known and well-loved in contemporary Russian fiction. (Source: Academia Rossica)