Maria Galina

Maria Galina


  • Mole-Crickets


One of the most fascinating authors to emerge in the turbulence of the 1990s, Maria Galina was born in Kalinin (now Tver) in 1958. She was brought up in Ukraine, studied marine biology at Odessa University. In the course of her studies, Galina became an expert in hydrobiology and worked on several expeditions examining environmental issues. Galina has lived in Moscow since 1987.

Following her first publication in Yunost' in 1991, Galina turned abruptly away from her scientific work to become a full-time professional author. Science, however, has remained a crucial part of her writing – she has more than ten science fiction books to her name.

Galina is also a translator of American and English poetry, a notable critic and a regular columnist in several journals. As well as numerous Russian publications, she has been translated and published in Polish and English. Galina’s writing contains strong elements of magical realism and shows consistent attention to themes of gender and the scientific world. (Source: Academia Rossica)