Yuri Buida

Yuri Buida


  • A thief, a Spy and a Murderer
  • Blue Blood
  • The Prussian Bride


Yuri Buida is one of the leading names in contemporary Russian prose. He was born in 1954 and is of mixed Russian, Polish, Belorussian and Ukranian descent. The question of identity runs through his fiction which tends towards myth making and the surreal. As a professional journalist , Buida has made his name mainly in the genre of short story and novella. His novel The Zero Train was shortlisted for the Russian Booker Prize in 1993. His short story cycle The Prussian Bride won the prestigious Apollon Grigoriev Prize in 1999 and was also shortlisted for the Russian Booker.

Buida’s books in translation were published in France, UK, Estonia, Poland, Hungary, Norway, Turkey and other countries. Oliver Ready's translation for Dedalus, UK was awarded the XXinaugural Russian Translation Prize in 2005. In 2013 Buida’s A Thief, a Spy and a Murderer was shortlisted for the Russian Big Book Literary Prize. His stories were staged as plays in Moscow, Kaliningrad and in London’s “Theatre O”.

Some of his works (in Russian) can be found on Buida’s web-site both as a text and as audio narrated by the author.