Andrei Ivanov

Andrei Ivanov



  • Tallin: Avenarius
Andrei Ivanov (b. 1971), is a Russian-speaking writer from Estonia. After graduating from Tallinn Pedagogical University with the degree in Russian Philology and failing to find an adequate job and had to work as a janitor, customer service manager for Microsoft, and an analyst of Scandinavian industrial market. He spent many years in Scandinavia, living in a refugee camp and the famous Hesberga hippy commune on the island of Fünen and travelling extensively around Norway. Currently Andrei Ivanov is a full-time freelance writer.

In 2010 he made it almost simultaneously to the shortlist of the Russian Booker Prize with Hanuman's Jouney to Lolland and the long list of the National Bestseller Prize with Bizar. Although he did not win any of these prizes, he made a splash and got noticed.

He now lives and works in Tallinn.