Literary agents

ELKOST Intl. literary agency operates from offices located in Russia, Italy and Spain. It handles world publishing rights in
• Upmarket Fiction and Non-Fiction titles by the leading contemporary Russian authors

Goumen & Smirnova Literary Agency was founded in November 2006 in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

The founders, Julia Goumen and Natalia Smirnova have had years of experience in publishing and a solid background in handling translation sales internationally. It is one of a few full-service agencies in Russia, representing authors in book publishing, film, television, and other areas. The agency also represents agents internationally and publishers in Russia.

Murphy Literary Agency currently represents Alexandra Marinina, Dina Rubina, and Mikhail Shishkin for worldwide English Language Rights 

A literary agency for Russian authors offering worldwide fiction, both literary and commercial, non-fiction, theatre and film rights.
Jane Dowary Agency was founded in the beginning of 2013 by Julia Sarah Levin. Jane Dowary Agency is a full service literary agency that works with authors to get their novels published and works with authors from all over the world. 
Mediana Literary Agency represents Russian and foreign publishing companies, providing intermediary and consulting services to publishers and authors worldwide. The company negotiates buying and selling translation rights for non-fiction titles: subjects include psychology, health, spirituality, business, children books, crafts and cookbooks.
The agency handles translation rights for works by Vadim Zeland and numerous other Russian authors. 
United Agents represents authors working in a broad range of creative fields, from prize-winning novelists and bestselling writers of commercial fiction of all kinds, to acclaimed biographers, specialist non-fiction and children's authors and illustrators

NIBBE & WIEDLING Literary Agency focuses on representing worldwide Russian authors and authors from Ex-Soviet Region. The Agency’s services also include research, legal advice, fund raising and networking in all cultural areas related to Russia and the region. This segment has been growing since 2009.

OKNO is a Swedish-Russian literary agency with offices in Malmö, Sweden and in Moscow and St.Petersburg, Russia. The agency has recently merged with Goumen & Smirnova Agency into what is now called Banke, Goumen & Smirnova Agency. Their ambition is to promote the best of Russian literature globally.