What you wanted to know about contemporary Russian literature but did not know where to look.

The Russian book market is considered as being a somewhat mysterious and remote entity even to people actively engaged in the area. This obviously puts Russian authors and publishers at a disadvantage in terms of reputation and it also has a negative effect on commercial gain. What is currently perceived to be ​​the Russian literary tradition is simply a reflection of the great works of writers of the 19th and mid 20th Centuries. Only a small number of authors represent the modern Russian book culture in the West, to the credit of a select number of literary agencies, but their works are mostly of fiction. Russian published nonfiction and children's books have been almost unknown to foreign publishers - so far…

The web based Russian Literature Online project has been created to address such issues. Rus-Lit aims to provide the international publishing community with regularly updated information on the Russian book industry. It also focuses on principal institutions, recent market developments, new up and coming authors and books worthy of attention.

The task may seem ambitious but it is justified by our attempt to supply badly needed up-to-date information in a neglected area.

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April, 23 2014
National Bestseller Prize 2014 short list announced
This year the Russian “National Bestseller” book prize will be awarded for the 14th time. The short list for the prize comprises six works by Russian writers chosen from 48 books longliste...
April, 14 2014
Future legends of Russian literature at the London Book Fair
The huge arch of Earls Court Exhibition Centre curves over the myriad stands of London’s epic-sized 2014 Book Fair. Every April, more than 25,000 book-related professionals throng here from arou...
April, 11 2014
Bookmate named best innovation at the London Book Fair.
Bookmate took home the ‘Publishing for Digital Minds Innovation Award’ at the London Book Fair after beating hundreds of other companies to the prize.

The London Book Fair says the ...

Russian book market

March, 29 2014
The Russian book market 2013 results and forecast
The Russian book market 2013 in infographics. The size of the market, major publishing groups, the market by segments, distribution channels and more. Based on the report by the Book Industry magazine ...
March, 21 2014
The Russian book market has stopped its fall
In 2014 the Russian book market becomes more robust according to the report by the Russian Book Union based on data collated by the Book Industry magazine. The report notes that the book market fell by...
March, 14 2014
Controversy in reading: Soft porn and Spiritual Reading amongst Russian bestsellers
Bookmate, Russian subscription-based digital library, summed up the results of online reading for 2013. The first list shows the most favorite books that readers managed to finish. The top 5 in descending...